Company Background

1990 - foundation of scientific and production enterprise “URALTURBO”;

manufacture of spare parts for steam turbine K-300-240 installed at the thermal power plant RAMIN in Iran;

Vladimir K. Kuzyushin was appointed the first general director;

1991 - mastering of  production of ejectors EPO-3-200, EPD -3-150(test site of Sredneuralskaya GRES);

1993 - restructuring of scientific and production enterprise “URALTURBO” into open joint stock company “URALTURBO”;

in-house production of spare parts for gas industry at the premises of Drilling and Metallurgical Equipment Plant;

establishing partnership relations with  the  pipeline companies of the  JSC Gazprom such as  OOO Tyumentransgaz, OOO Uraltransgaz and others;

1994 - beginning of production of sealing rings, fittings, control elements , steam distribution components at the premises of Drilling and Metallurgical Equipment Plant;

extension of  the customer geography to the Far East, Volga region, Northwestern Russia,  Siberia and Kazakhstan;

1997- manufacture of rotor blading for GTK-10-4 turbines   within the framework of the Agreement concluded by the Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast and JSC Gazprom dedicated to development of production of spare parts for gas industry;

1998- creation of the Engineering center , now known as the Design-and-technological Bureau; the Bureau makes use of the specialized software for solving   sophisticated  scientific-technical tasks, development at short notice of  high-quality design documentation of any complexity and conducting analysis;

2000 - mastering of production of  guide vanes and nozzle segments;

2004 - commencement of repair of rotors, vane carriers, combustion units for  GTK-10-4, GT-750-6, GTN-6, GTN-16  at the  production facility of JSC “URALTURBO”;

2006 - introduction of the quality management system (ISO 9001: 2000) in the area of manufacture of spare parts and equipment for power generation and gas industry.

2009 -  registration of JSC “URALTURBO” in the QMS Register of suppliers of material-and-technical resources for JSC Gazprom;

mastering of manufacture of the blading and spare parts for unit GTN-25/76 by order of JSC Gazprom;

2010 - mastering of  disks and impeller blading production;

2011 - commencement of production of blades for turbines GTT-12 M, GTT-3M, GTT-3PN  for chemical industry.

2014 - commencement of manufacture of mushroom-shaped blade roots , repair of high- and middle-pressure rotors of turbine K-500-240 ( PAO TURBOATOM).

2015 - beginning of development of gas turbine power units of 6,9,16 and 25 MW by the Design-and-technological Bureau of  JSC “URALTURBO”.

2016 - commencement of production of blades with side entry blade  roots for 4- stage low pressure rotor.

During these years production of the wide range of spare parts for steam and gas turbines was launched, repair of vane carriers and rotors of gas turbines with disk replacement was started;  technological and design files were formed; up-to-date equipment, making it possible to expand the product range, reduce labor content and production time, was put into operation.


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